QueueUp 2.1.5 is out ! 🎉

Hi everyone, Danny here with a big announcement, the version 3.0.0 of QueueUp is out ! Let's jump right into the brand new features that we are super excited to bring to the app.

Find your next Fortnite teammate

Time to take your pickaxe, favorite material and dances, QueueUp now features Fortnite! It works the same way as the League of Legends dashboard.

If you're new to the app, let me introduce how simple it is. Start up the app, create your account and select the game profile you want to add, in our case Fortnite.

Select the game profile you want to add to your QueueUp account

Once you got your profile selected and ready, let's head to the dashboard.

Your nice Fortnite dashboard

For those who already know about the app, you won't feel lost with the Fortnite dashboard, given that it is really similar to the League of Legends one !

But hey, not only can you see other players stats and objectives, you can also customize your profile through game's avatar, the type of queue you want to play in and also your global objectives.

When you're ready, you can browse through profile and match with awesome new teammates. But wait, what is that shiny ... trophy 🏆 ?

Felt like you wanted to customize your profile a bit more with some rewards for using the app ? We got you, trophies are now available in your game profile settings. Trophies are either automatic rewards that you get from using the app. For example swiping profiles, matching with players but there are also special trophies that you will only get through specefic actions, I know there's a special one for joining our discord server, just saying 😏! Wanna know more about those ? Check out the trophy list in the 3.0.0 version of the app.

You can equip a trophy once you unlocked it

Player : "I just had the best game ever ! That player I met on QueueUp was really great, wish I could reward him for being such a nice teammate"
QueueUp : "Don't worry, we got your back"

Community Feedback is also out ! (What a great update right ?)

Ever felt like you wanted to recommand a player for his leadership, her nice support during the game, that great time you had playing and laughing ?

Well now you can ! Once you match with a player, you can rate how great your experience was.

We wanted it to make it simple to use and to understand, so we asked QuPi for a bit of help ! Checkout the different recommandation you can give.

You can also rate your experience if it wasn't as great as you wanted it to be, we know some players might be tough to deal with. Help others find great teammates by giving your feedback.

To rate your experience with a user, head to that player conversation and use the contextual menu or press and hold the player's conversation in the conversation page.

You can see how much recommandation a player has on the detailed profile page (Information button on the dashboard or just click on the card)

QueueUp is now available in Spanish

Our community is getting bigger and bigger, we met a lot of spanish speaking players through events and online and listened to their advice. So QueueUp now features Spanish! If your mobile phone is set on Spanish, QueueUp will be available in Spanish as a default language. Hope you'll enjoy the app even more!

That was a long update but we hope that you'll enjoy the content we added to the app. Follow us on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or join our discord server to get regular news from the team, share the app as you use it, it will help you find even more teammates and help the community.

Keep on playing, see you on QueueUp!