League of Legends World Championship - Semifinals - Day #2

Both teams showed huge performances during their last matches to offer us what was a dream EU vs NA semifinal.

Fnatic - Cloud9

Game 1

A first skirmish into Fnatic's jungle allowed C9 to pressure the jungle as Broxah couldn't take a fight against Svenskeren's Xin Zhao. Even while being bullied, Broxah found the perfect gank to take down Jensen and find an early lead.

By winning his jungle matchup, Broxah goes for solo lanes and picks kill after kill, pushing every lane lead further.

At the 15th minute, Fnatic is ahead by 6k gold and 9 kills.
Winning a fight at the 20th minute and taking down Svenskeren enabled Fnatic to prepare and go for Baron. 3 minutes later, both top and mid inhibitors were destroyed.
A last fight at the 24th minute allowed Fnatic to ace Cloud9 and close the game cleanly.

Fnatic 1 - 0 Cloud9

Game 2

With the First Blood taken at the 11th minute, this game started quite slowly, without much action.

The first turret was taken down by Rekkles, while C9's botlane was trying to push the mid one; but Hylissang was able to deny Cloud9's call and give the opportunity for Rekkles to get the bonus gold.
The first important teamfight took place at the 22nd minute, around id lane, and Cloud9 were able to take down 2 Fnatic members for none in exchange.
Taking down both Licorice and Sneaky at the 26th minute gave the European squad an opportunity to go for Baron, that allowed them to force C9's commitment, aced them, and got the buff.

A few minutes later Bwipo and Hylissang wanted to force a pick bot on Licorice, but C9 stroke back and killed them both, while Caps was taking down the top inhibitor.
At the 32nd minute, a fight started and looked like it was in favour of Cloud9 as they took down an opponent and the others were low. But it was at that moment that Caps' popped off and got himself a quadrakill, and closed the game.

Fnatic 2 - 0 Cloud9

Game 3

With First Blood being dropped at the 3rd minute in a 2v2, Fnatic's botlane started the game ahead.

Getting kills here and there allowed Fnatic to keep the pressure in this game, even if C9 was the team who took down the first turret of the game.
Picking up Sneaky in the top river at the 15th minute gave Fnatic the opportunity to take a fight and pressure the middle lane with the Rift Herald.
A 2 for 0 fight in favour of C9 allowed the American Roster to come back in the game and take the Gold lead.

Catching Licorice while he was overextending at the bottom lane allowed Fnatic to take a 4v5 fight and take down 2 more members of C9, which led the to an infernal drake and the Baron.
Another fight at the 29th minute in Fnatic's jungle led to an ace in favour of the European squad, leading to the destruction of the middle lane inhibitor.

At the 31st minute, Fnatic forced a Baron, that led to a fight that they won, but at the cost of 3 of their members.

A catch attempt onto Caps at the 34th minute led to the death of both Jensen and Licorice, giving the ability to Fnatic to fight back, ace Cloud9 and qualify for the final.

Fnatic 3 - 0 Cloud9