League of Legends World Championship - Semifinals - Day #1

After taking down the tournament favourites: RNG and KT, both teams have their eyes on the trophy, but only the winner will have the chance to face either Cloud9 or Fnatic tomorrow.

Invictus Gaming - G2 Esports

Game 1

This early game was totally in the control of IG, as both solo laners were able to get ahead and bully the European players.
The First Blood was taken by Rookie after a 3-men skirmish around the 8th minute, taking down Perkz and putting him even more behind.

A counter-gank by Jankos led G2 to taking down Ning a few minutes later. By taking down all the outer turrets, Invictus Gaming pushed their gold lead to 5k gold at the 18th minute, after taking down Jankos and Wadid a a red buff skirmish.
An explosive fight at the 24th minute under G2's top inhibitor turret allowed IG to take down 3 members of G2, in exchange of one, giving them the opportunity to destroy the last inner turret remaining.

Catching Hjarnan at the 25th minute could have sealed G2's fate as IG could take down the mid inhibitor, a Nexus turret, and take down two more members of G2, but Hjarnan's respawn allowed G2 to take 2 kills for them and defend their Nexus.
While G2 were trying to defend their base, IG went for a 28 minutes Baron, forced a fight into G2's base, aced them and closed the game.

Invictus Gaming 1 - 0 G2 Esports

Game 2

This game has a really explosive start, with 4 kills at 5 minutes, 2 for both team.

A solo kill on Wunder allowed TheShy to push his lead further.

Taking down Wunder at the 13th minute allowed IG to take down the first turret of the game and get its bonus.

From then, with the Jayce being so far ahead, as well as the Leblanc, G2 members got picked over and over, getting punished for their overextension.
IG went for G2's base at the 24th minute by taking down the bottom lane inhibitor, and a Nexus turret.
A 26 minute Baron and 2 kills on G2's members trying to steal the Baron led IG to close the game.

Invictus Gaming 2 - 0 G2 Esports

Game 3

First Blood King is back ! By finding a pick on Ning in his own jungle, Jankos was able to find the First Blood with Perkz, and link it with a dive, taking down TheShy as well.

Even while dropping a few kills to IG, G2 are the one remaining in control of the game, forcing plays around the map to push their lead further.
When IG wanted to force their first turret at the mid lane with the Rift Herald, G2 stroke back, prevented the Herald charge and took down both Rookie's Leblanc and JackeyLove's Kai'Sa.
Even while being ahead, G2 forced a pick on JackeyLove and Ning, but their overextension allowed TheShy to turn the fight around to a 4 for 2.
A clutch Baron call at the 24th minute led IG to taking down the Baron, as well as Jankos and Wunder's lives.
This Baron buff helped IG in taking down both bottom and mid inhibitors, as well as an Nexus turret when G2 forced a fight in their jungle and lost it.
A final fight at the 28th minute allowed IG to close the game and qualify for Worlds final.

Invictus Gaming 3 - 0 G2 Esports