League of Legends World Championship - Quarterfinals - Day #2

The second and last day of quarterfinals took place, with the Koreans from Afreeca Freecs playing against the Americans from Cloud9, then, one of the Chinese teams, known as Edward Gaming, will play against the European squad: Fnatic.

Afreeca Freecs - Cloud9

Game 1

The game started really quickly, as Svenskeren found a was to mid lane in less than 3 minutes to give the first blood to his mid laner. He then went straight to the top lane, but Spirit was here to turn the fight around, and Licorice lost his life. A few minutes later, Spirit shows up at the bottom lane, and his support gets the kill on Sneaky.
Abusing the lack of mobility of Viktor, Cloud9 set up a dive at only 5 minutes and kill him. Another fight took place at Afreeca's blue buff, leading C9 to Spirit. Once again, a successful gank at the 8th minute allows Sneaky to get a kill on Kramer, and with AFS' support trying to freeze, he is able to ulti him and kill him too. Jensen then solo kills Kuro.

6 - 2 in favour of C9 at the 10th minute.
From then, Cloud9 kept pressuring, taking down both inner and outer top turrets, getting the Rift Herald which led to destroying the mid outer turret and drakes.
A fight under the mid inner turret allowed AFS to take down Svenskeren, but they did lose 2 of their members, and a third after this:

From the 23rd minute, Cloud9 started to pressure Baron by denying Afreeca's vision, and killing TusiN made it easier with the lack of engage from the Korean roster. Jensen was able to assassinate Kiin while the rest of his team was killing the Baron. They then went straight to AFS' base and got top and mid inhibitors.
Even while losing Sneaky, Cloud9 won the last fight and closed the game.

Afreeca Freecs 0 - 1 Cloud9

Game 2

The second game of the day started slowly compared to the last, even with First Blood being picked up by Kuro after a successful gank at the 3rd minute.
At the 9th minute, Kiin abused the fact that Licorice was pushing too much to solo kill him.

With his ulti down, Mowgli went for a gank a minute after to increase his top laner advantage. Only a few seconds after, Jensen went for the solo kill, but died while diving his opponent's Ryze. However, Svenskeren's ultimate could secure the kill.
When C9 pressured the first bottom lane turret (and the first of the game), AFS answered by catching Sneaky on the mid lane. Furthermore, Kiin could kill Licorice once again, diving him under his own turret.
At the 16th minute, Afreeca turned around what seemed to be a fight in favour of C9, as they grouped up as 5 at the top lane to catch the Korean bottom lane. This fight ended up with 3 kills in favour of Afreeca, and one for Cloud9.
Taking down 2 members of Afreeca at the 19th minute allowed C9 to secure the top inner turret, and open the map a bit more to prepare the Baron.
Even with while being 4 kills late in the game, the gold difference between the two teams is null.
By forcing a fight in the mid lane at the 23rd minute allowed Cloud9 to take down the Korean support, and later, catching both the jungler and the mid laner gave them the opportunity to kill the Baron and 3 other members of AFS (the support having respawned), in exchange of only Licorice's life. The buff allowed them to run down mid and take a nexus turret, reset, destroy the mid lane, kill some members of AFS and close the game.

Afreeca Freecs 0 - 2 Cloud9

Game 3

A failed invade by Spirit gave the ability to Svenskeren to turn around and kill him for First Blood. A minute later, C9 went for an early aggression, but Kramer turned it around, slaying Sneaky. Both junglers rotating bot at the 8th minute resulting in a kill for each team.
A fight started by the Korean squad at the 11th minute resulted in 2 kills in their favour, but while dropping a kill to Sneaky, showing his dominance.

Kiin wanted to prove that this game was full of outplays by turning around a 2v1 at the top lane.

A fight around the infernal drake turned wrong for Cloud9, as the Korean team killed 3 members of the American at the 20th minute, which means Baron was on the map. HOWEVER,

This steal allowed Cloud9 to jump, once again, in the driver seat. HOWEVER,

Finding 2 kills at the 29th minute gave C9 the opportunity to go for a Baron, that Afreeca defended quite well, forcing C9 to back away.
2 minutes later, they took down AFS' top and mid, forced a push mid, and destroyed the inhibitor.
A 35 minute ace allowed Cloud9 to close the game.

Afreeca Freecs 0 - 3 Cloud9

Fnatic - Edward Gaming

Game 1

The game started with an invade from EDG, allowing Scout to get the First Blood on Hylissang. With Haru invading Broxah's jungle many times in the early game, Fnatic was able to fight back one of those and catch him, but the Chinese team answered with a kill on Broxah.
iBoy roaming allowed Scout to play aggressively on his middle lane and they were able to take down Caps, at the 6th minute. Same scenario one minute later, but with Meiko roaming instead.
A fight started at the 11th minute around the Rift Herald, and EDG was able to get two more kills.
Another fight at the 17th minute, next to the bottom lane inner turret led EDG to killing 3 FNC members and get the turret, while the European team could only get a kill out of this. EDG was now 8k gold ahead.

Winning this fight enabled the Chinese team for taking down the Baron, catching Rekkles a few minutes after, and run down mid to end the game.

Fnatic 0 - 1 Edward Gaming

Game 2

A 6 minute dive under the Fnatic turret allowed EDG to take 2 kills for them. A few minutes later, Hylissang's blood dropped once again, as well as Bwipo's for a solo kill on the top lane for Ray.

When EDG wanted to collapse on Caps, he turned the fight around to get a 2v1 kill.

Broxah and Hylissang then came mid to try and put Caps further ahead.

15 minutes into the game, a fight started in the bot river, and Fnatic were able to ace the Chinese team.

This ace allowed Fnatic to take back the control of the game, take down the mid outer turret, the Rift Herald, and reset.
Another fight in EDG's jungle at the 22nd minute led to a kill on Meiko and Haro, giving the opportunity for Fnatic to take down the Baron and get 2 more kills.
Even if they caught Bwipo pushing at the bottom lane, EDG lost 2 members as Fnatic answered this aggression and took down the bottom lane inhibitor, as well as the nexus.

Fnatic 1 - 1 Edward Gaming

Game 3

The early game was way less bloody than the other games, First Blood being dropped at the 11th minute on Caps, but he was able to solo kill Scout a minute later, trading his life too.

With 2 ganks already, and a 5-men commitment by EDG, Caps died once again at the 14th minute. 3 minutes later, EDG was able to find a good fight and take down 2 members of the European squad (including Caps) and get the mid outer and inner turrets.
The game slowed down as Edward Gaming focused on taking down the remaining outer turrets, until the 27th minute, when Fnatic went for an infernal drake and the Chinese team wanted to collapse on them. Unfortunately, for them, Rekkles turned the fight around with a triple kill.

This setup allowed Fnatic to secure the Baron, and take the control of the game, even if EDG is still ahead in terms of gold.

A fight started by Fnatic at the 36th minute gave the opportunity for EDG to fight back and get 2 kills for them, as well as the Baron, uncontested by the European roster.
With 2 members of EDG being bot, Fnatic pulled the trigger and forced a fight mid, killing both Ray and Meiko and destroyed the mid inhibitor, despite losing Caps. Without Caps, Fnatic was unable to contest the Elder Drake, secured by the Chinese lineup.
Fnatic pulled the trigger another time at the 45th minute, killing only Ray. They then decided to go for Baron, which Haro stole, in exchange of his life, as well as Ray's, giving Fnatic the possibility to force a push mid and close the game.

Fnatic 2 - 1 Edward Gaming

Game 4

EDG's botlane started the game by trapping the bottom lane river bush. With both Rekkles and Hylissang face checking it, they were able to burn all Fnatic's botlane summoner spells, except Rekkles' flash, setting up a level 2 gank by Haro's Lee Sin, who picked up First Blood. Only one minute after, Scout was able to find the solo kill on Caps.

A 7th minute roam from Scout led to a kill on Bwipo in the top lane. 6 minutes later, a fight at the Herald gave EDG 3 kills, while Fnatic got one, and the Eye of the Herald.
A 20 minute take down on Rekkles by EDG started a fight that Fnatic was able to turn around and get the mid lane outer turret.
With only 3 turrets down at the 29th minute, the pace of this game was slower than the others, until this:

Fnatic then took down top and mid inhibitors, to push their gold lead to 10k. They then took down the bottom lane at the 32nd minute, and forced a push onto the nexus to close the game and secure their spot to semifinals !

Fnatic 3 - 1 Edward Gaming

With those games, Fnatic and Cloud9 advance to semifinals, while Afreeca Freecs and Edward Gaming are out of contest.