League of Legends World Championship - Quarterfinals - Day #1

Today, kt Rolster played against Invictus Gaming for the first game of quarterfinals, and Royal Never Give Up against G2 Esports just after. Who made it to finals ?

kt Rolster - Invictus Gaming

Game 1

By taking down the bottom lane at the 4th minute, KT showed that they wanted to take the advantage as early as possible, even if IG answered by killing their support 3 minutes later.

A successful gank from Score at the 14th minute gave the advantage to Smeb on his lane too. Unfortunately for KT, everything fell apart when IG forced a fight at the 16th minute and got 2 kills to close the gap between the two teams. Another good flank from TheShy gave the ability to the Chinese team to take down three members of KT only a few minutes later, and reversed the gold lead.
Invictus started to pressure Baron at the 26th minute, which forced KT to fight. The Chinese roster was stronger and aced the Korean first seed.

Taking down 2 inhibitors forced KT to answer, got aced once again, and IG closed the game in almost 30 minutes.

kt Rolster 0 - 1 Invictus Gaming

Game 2

An early duel around the Scuttle Crab made both mid laners and bottom lanes roam for the first of the game, in favour of IG since they secured two kills for one.
KT wanted to force early fight and get that advantage they needed so bad, so they started another fight at the 5th minute, but even while losing their ADC, IG took down all 5 members of KT.

After destroying the first turret of the game on their lane, the Chinese bottom laned went top lane, and tried to secure the Rift Herald, contested by KT. That led to a fight, and IG killed 4 of KT's members.
At the 15th minute, KT was able to catch 2 members of IG, but their overextension allowed IG to turn back and get 3 players of kt Rolster.
With so much advantage, IG took down the baron at the 21st minute, without any contest.
With the buff, IG went for the bottom lane, picked Ucal in exchange of TheShy's life, and got the inhibitor.
Smeb killing JackeyLove prevented the Chinese team from destroying the middle lane.
When they came back for it, they forced a fight, and a 5-men Galio ultimate sealed KT's fate as they killed 4 members of KT and closed the game.

kt Rolster 0 - 2 Invictus Gaming

Game 3

With a much slower game (First blood taken only at the 9th minute), IG got an early lead by taking down Smeb and his turret.
At the 17th minute, both teams regroup around the Infernal Drake, but even if IG stole it, KT answered by taking down 3 of their members (in exchange of 2).

By catching IG's split pusher, KT destroyed the mid outer and inner turrets. However, diving Smeb and killing him allowed IG to take down the bottom lane inhibitor.
A few minutes after, KT went for Baron, which led to a 4 for 4 fight, but with TheShy still alive, IG went for a nexus turret.

As IG was knocking on KT's door, KT had to take a fight to defend their base and traded 2 kills for 2, forcing IG to back. While IG went for the Elder Drake, the Korean team went for Baron instead. Having the push advantage with the Baron buff, KT went for the midlane, got the inhibitor and forced a fight in IG's base, while both top laners were fighting in KT's base. After popping Smeb's Guardian Angel, it seemed like TheShy would close the game, but Smeb teleporting to IG's base allowed KT to push faster and they closed the game a few hits before IG.

kt Rolster 1 - 2 Invictus Gaming

Game 4

By turning around a 1v2, Smeb shut down what was the attempt to take the lead in this game.

Defusing top lane allowed KT to focus on the bottom of the map. They took down the first turret and bullied the Chinese bottom lane. A 2 for 1 fight in favour of KT (initiated by IG) allowed them to push their advantage even further.
From then, many fights took place, but no team was able to pick up a kill.
Killing 4 members at the 36th minute led KT to closing the game just after, and go for Silver Scrapes !

kt Rolster 2 - 2 Invictus Gaming

Game 5

Getting the first blood at the 8th minute allowed Rookie to push his lead even further in his matchup. Another fight at the bottom lane 2 minutes later gave a first kill to JackeyLove, pushing IG's lead to 2k gold at 10 minutes. Smeb then caught Ning going for a solo Herald, allowing KT to prevent IG to get their hands on this monster and getting Ucal his first kill. Unfortunately for KT, Rookie styling on Leblanc allowed him to pick the Herald's eye and use it a few minutes later on the mid lane, while 2 KT members were busy taking down TheShy.
With clean macro plays, IG was 3 turrets and 4 drakes ahead at the 30th minute, without even taking down the baron.
2 minutes later, KT wanted to force a fight since they killed IG's support a few moments before, but JackeyLove deleted 4 of their members.

This move led IG to go for Baron, take down the mid lane inhibitor, then the bottom lane inhibitor turret, while minions destroyed a nexus turret.
Another fight at the 40th minute allowed both team to get 1 kill, but with minions pushing in their base, KT had to back up, allowing IG to go for baron, run down mid and close the game.

kt Rolster 2 - 3 Invictus Gaming

Royal Never Give Up - G2 Esports

Game 1

The First Blood King is back ! With a clean gank at the bottom lane, G2 is able to take an early lead by killing RNG's support: Ming.
A few minutes later, G2 went for a catch on Letme, allowing RNG to get the first turret of the game, as well as the drake.
A turnaround flash from Ming at the 19th minute led to RNG killing 4 members of G2 and destroy the bottom lane inhibitor turret.
A 26 minutes Baron attempt from G2 forced a fight, but no one died.
Denying every vision of G2 gave RNG the ability to remove the Baron from the map 2 minutes later.
Seeing 3 members of G2 grouped, Ming pulled the trigger but G2 was able to fight back and got 2 kills for 2 deaths.
After taking down the mid inhibitor, RNG forced a fight, got 4 members of G2 and closed the game in 31 minutes.

Royal Never Give Up 1 - 0 G2 Esports

Game 2

Like the last game, RNG dominated the bottom lane, taking the first turret at the 9th minute, with Uzi really far ahead of Hjarnan.
To answer the first turret, G2 set up a dive under the top lane turret, unfortunately for them, RNG was able to answer with a kill.

Perkz pressuring the middle lane allows his team to get a kill on RNG's midlaner. Killing Uzi and Ming at the 16th minute gave G2 the opportunity to take down 2 turrets and relieve all the pressure RNG was applying. Even if they took back the control of the game, G2 wanted to force a catch on Xiaohu and overcommitted, leading this call to cost Wadid's life and give back some pressure to RNG.
Perkz getting caught at the 27th minute without dying led to Uzi being caught and RNG to be aced after and G2 could get the Baron.
1-3-1 G2 being the best G2, they decided to split and play around objectives, taking down both mid and top inner turrets, with their eyes set on inhibitor's turrets. Taking down Ming led G2 to taking the full control of the game by destroying both top and mid inhibitors, with a bonus kill on Karsa. With Perkz splitpushing and getting to Nexus turrets, RNG engaged on G2, who got 4 kills out of this fight, and closed the game.

Royal Never Give Up 1 - 1 G2 Esports

Game 3

With a very cheesy first level, G2 was able to take an early lead by taking down Uzi before the minions' spawn.

Sadly for G2, RNG's bottom lane is strong enough to kill Wadid at level 3. RNG wanted to play really aggressively in the early game, with early ganks from Ming on Perkz, and by getting a kill on Wunder. This early advantage allowed RNG to have a 3 kills, 2 turrets and 3k gold advantage at the 15th minute.
While catching Xiaohu at the 22nd minute, G2 committed 3 members on the bottom lane while RNG went for a sneaky Baron.
Killing 3 members of G2 at the 24th minute allowed RNG to close the game just after.

Royal Never Give Up 2 - 1 G2 Esports

Game 4

The game was pretty slow to start with few actions before the 7th minute, but when Karsa wanted to gank mid, Jankos was here to turn around the fight and give 2 kills to his midlaner.

With a 3k gold lead at the 10th minute, G2 were in a pretty good spot, getting every objective they could: first turret, Rift Herald...
By trying to catch Perkz at the 15th minute, RNG dropped 3 kills in a 4v5 fight.
Perkz again, showing that he wants to win this game, handles a 1v3 so perfectly and turns the fight around to get a kill.

Another fight started by RNG at the top lane finally took down Perkz, but at the cost of all RNG members, and a baron.

The European team, known for its ability to play 1-3-1, used that strategy to destroy two inhibitors of the Chinese team.
With 3 members trying to answer to the pressure from the top lane, Wunder and Perkz went from behind and got a nexus turret. With all G2 Esports members reunited, they could push the top lane and close the game.

Royal Never Give Up 2 - 2 G2 Esports

Game 5

First Blood King is back again ! By playing really aggressive from the first minutes, G2 was able to prepare a gank, which they executed perfectly, killing Uzi, and Hjarnan surviving with 1HP.

At the 9th minute, Xiaohu went for a 1v1 trade, but Jankos showed up and got the kill. 1 minute later, RNG stroke back with a bottom lane gank leading to a kill on Wadid and the first turret for Uzi.
When they noticed that Uzi was overextending at the top lane, G2 went for a gank top and once again, prevented him from taking the lantern by warding it. At the 15th minute, same scenario, except that RNG was the one that pulled the trigger and MLXG was around. G2 turned the fight around by killing Ming, and Perkz's roam resulted in 2 kills for him.

Back on his lane, Perkz solokilled Xiaohu, pushing his team's score to 7-1. RNG tried to catch Wunder, but Perkz defended his top laner, turned the 3v1 fight around by killing MLXG, and Letme a few seconds after.
With an assassination on Uzi at the 20th minute, G2 was able to take down Letme without a threat.
A 25 minute Baron attempt forced RNG to commit and kill 2 members for 2. From that moment, most of G2 attempts to fight were unsuccessful since the Nocturne ultimate made it really difficult to fight, and most of all, Ming preventing every attempt of Perkz to reach to Uzi.
When they saw Uzi was going to his red buff, G2 pulled the trigger and went for the Baron, in exchange of Jankos' life.

Seriously guys, you can't imagine my heart rate while I'm watching and writing this

With the Baron buff, G2 are starting what they do best: 1-3-1. And when RNG pulled the trigger on the mid lane, Jankos took down Uzi and killed 4 members of RNG to close the game and get to semifinals !

Royal Never Give Up 2 - 3 G2 Esports

With those games, both main Worlds contenders: kt Rolster and Royal Never Give Up, are out of competition, while G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming will advance to semifinals.