League of Legends World Championship - Group Stage - Day #8


Here are our predictions for this day:


Fnatic 1 - 0 100 Thieves

Once again, thanks Mr Broxah !

With the cleanest Lee Sin plays, Broxah was able to pick the first 3 kills of the game and allow Fnatic to snowball the game.  Even if they lost 2 members, FNC went for a fight back and got 2 kills for them.

With all the advantage they got, FNC could secure the Rift Herald and used it in one of the best ways of the tournament, taking down all 3 turrets in the middle lane.‌‌By playing disrespectfully, Caps got caught many times without even dying once as his team was getting around in time to protect him and turn the fight around.‌‌FNC took down the baron at the 29th minute by starting it with only 2 members. 3 minutes later, the European squad closed the game by acing 100 Thieves and are one win away from quarterfinals !

G-Rex 0  - 1  Invictus Gaming

The game was quite even as both teams were able to make plays and get kills. However, IG was able to take an important advantage around the 20th minute when they took a good fight allowing them to increase the slight advantage they had.‌‌A sneaky 2-men baron at the 21st minute allowed IG to increase their lead, take down 4 members at the 24th minute, and close the game one minute later, eliminating both G-Rex and 100 Thieves, and qualifying themselves and Fnatic for quarterfinals.

Fnatic 1 - 0 G-Rex

Both solo lanes were able to get an advantage early in the game. By turning around a 1v2, Bwipo showed his dominance on the top lane. A 3 for 1 fight allowed Fnatic to get early in the driver seat.

All this advantage allowed them to pressure the map and setup  a 1-3-1, forcing G-Rex to split up. By taking 5 kills at the 21st minute, Fnatic went for the baron a minute later and went for a siege. An engage from G-Rex sealed their fate as FNC turned it around and closed the game at the 24th minute.

100 Thieves 0 - 1 Invictus Gaming

With Rookie playing solo-queue style, he took the advantage on the midlane and snowballed on the other lanes.

Even by trying to start fights, 100 Thieves were not able to come back into the game since IG's members were too far ahead and just deleted the members of the American roster. A 23rd minute baron helper IG to push their advantage even further and destroy bot and mid inhibitors. Taking down 4 members of 100 at the 29th minute allowed them to close the game.

G-Rex 0 - 1 100 Thieves

By taking an early advantage, Anda was able to snowball the game. With 8 kills at the 15th minute, his impact on the game was more than meaningful. With 3 members of GRX down at the 24th minute, 100 were able to secure the baron, even with their jungler down. They used the baron to destroy the remaining inner turrets and the bottom lane inhibitor. The 32nd minute baron permitted 100 to force a fight, win it and close the game.

Invictus Gaming 0 - 1 Fnatic

Fnatic starts this game fantastically considering the fact that Invictus Gaming is one of the best early game teams in China. Even if most of the matchups were in favour of IG at the 15th minute, FNC's teamplay showed that they are able to challenge the early game too.‌‌Getting 4 kills at the 26th minute around the baron put FNC in a position in which they were able to kill it and start sieging IG's base. By destroying the bottom lane inhibitor and killing IG's support, FNC closed the game in under 29 minutes.

Bonus: Invictus Gaming 0 - 1 Fnatic (tiebreaker)

This game was so insane that it shouldn't even be summarised. With every player playing out of their minds, the entertainment was one of the best after Vitality's games.
An early first blood picked up by Mr Broxah at the 2nd minute allowed Fnatic to start the game with an early advantage. With this advantage, Broxah wanted to put his bottom lane ahead and went for a few successful ganks there, shutting down JackeyLove.

Getting 3 kills at the 34th minute allowed FNC to go for baron and take it down, which leads to multiple tructures of IG taken down and the gold gap increased to 8k gold.
Getting 2 members of IG at the 32nd minute led FNC to a second baron, with which they destroyed two inhibitos (bot and mid), forced a fight top, won it and closed the game to secure the first seed.

With these matches, Fnatic and Invictus Gaming advance to quarterfinals while G-Rex and 100 Thieves are out of the competition.

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