League of Legends World Championship - Group Stage - Day #7


Here are our predictions for this day:


Team Liquid 0 - 1 kt Rolster

KT was able to get their carries ahead really early by giving them kills all around the map.
A clutch ultimate by Mata at the 23rd minute allowed KT to take down Pobelter and 2 more members to then kill the baron.

To prevent their base destruction, Team Liquid had to try something and pulled the trigger at the 26th minute at the bottom lane. Unfortunately for them, they got aced and KT closed the game just after.

MAD Team 0 - 1 Edward Gaming

Both teams started this game slowly. With only 3 kills in the game at the 15th minute, the game was very close. However, a teamfight started at the 15th minute, allowing MAD Team to take down EDG's botlane, but at the cost of 4 of their members' life and the first turret of the game.
A 2 for 1 fight at the 24th minute in favour of MAD Team allowed them to close a little bit the gap between the two teams.
Unfortunately for MAD, EDG was able to take down 4 of their members at the 27th minute, allowing the Chinese team to kill the baron.
MAD got aced at the 33rd minute, after losing a teamfight under EDG's mid under turret (where they lost 2 members) and by trying to defend their inhibitor.
Killing 2 members of MAD allowed team to force a push at the 36th minute, kill more members of MAD, take down the baron and close the game 2 minutes later.

MAD Team 0 - 1 Team Liquid

With only a few hundred gold more than MAD at the 15th minute, the early game was mostly even, even if TL carries were able to get ahead of their matchups.
Catching Breeze at the 24th minute allowed Tl to go for a baron and only lose their Leblanc in the trade. With the buff, TL increased significantly their gold lead to 9k gold and destroyed the bottom lane inhibitor as well as the middle lane inhibitor turret.
With their lane pressured by the empowered minions, MAD couldn't contest the 31st minute baron, with which TL destroyed the top lane inhibitor and closed the game in 33 minutes.

Edward Gaming 1 - 0 kt Rolster

With early skirmishes, KT did get an early advantage with 3 more kills than EDG, but a fight at the 11th minute around the herald allowed iBoy to get a triple kill and EDG to come back in the game.

But even if they lost this fight, KT continued to fight and catch members of EDG.
A teamfight initiated by EDG enabled them to take down 4 members of kt Rolster and kill the baron immediately after.

Unfortunately for them, their use of the baron didn't allow them to break KT's base. By securing another baron at the 35th minute and acing KT, EDG closed the game in under 37 minutes to secure their spot in quarterfinals and eliminate Team Liquid.

Edward Gaming 0 - 1 Team Liquid

Team Liquid was able to take an early lead by picking kills on the top lane and had already a 2k gold lead at the 13th minute.
At the 29th minute, EDG decided to threat the baron, but TL pulled the trigger and got 3 kills and the baron. With a 7k gold power play, TL puushed their advantage to 10k gold.
A fight at the 33rd minute allowed them to take down 4 members of EDG and close the game.

kt Rolster 1 - 0 MAD Team

With a quite bloody early game (7 kills at 8 minutes), KT took a slight gold lead, even when dropping the first blood to MAD, with a solo kill at the top lane.

Taking down 4 members of MAD at the 21st minute allowed KT to go for baron, increase their gold lead from 6k gold to 9k gold, ace MAD at the 24th minute, and take down the nexus.

With these matches, kt Rolster and Edward Gaming advance to quarterfinals while MAD Team and Team Liquid are out of the competition.

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