League of Legends World Championship - Group Stage - Day #6


Here are our predictions for this day:


Afreeca Freecs 1 - 0 Flash Wolves

With a very slow game start (only 1 kill and turret at the 15th minute), Afreeca Freecs were still able to grow a lead by pressuring the map quite well, leading them to a 3k gold advantage at the 20th minute. By starting a fight at the 30th minute, AFS was able to take down 3 members of FW and close one of the less bloody game of the tournament.

G2 Esports 1 - 0 Phong Vũ Buffalo

Phong Vũ Buffalo showed this game that they can dominate early coming into this game, as they had a 5k gold lead at the 22nd minute.
Unfortunately for them, G2 had the opportunity to catch 4 members (in exchange of 1) of PVB at the 26th minute, and were able to close the gap between the two teams, even if PVB still had a 3k gold lead.

Two minutes later, PVB took down the baron, but G2 punished them by taking down 4 of their members.
At the 38th minute, G2 killed the Elder Drake while PVB was taking down the Baron, but even with the Baron Buff, PVB was unable to destroy one of G2's inhibitor turrets.
A great fight started at the 45th minute, allowing G2 to take down 2 members of PVB and secure the baron, ace PVB and close the game.

Flash Wolves 1 - 0 G2 Esports

This game can allow G2 to lock their spot into quarterfinals if they are able to win it. The early game seemed in the hands of G2, until the 11th minute when many players of G2 got caught, at different areas of the map.

A 22nd minute fight allowed Flash Wolves to kill multiple members of G2, allowing them to kill the baron, which G2 Jankos stole.

Even if Flash Wolves have 8 more kills than G2, the gold gap is even. Everything turned in favour of G2 when they killed 4 members of FW at the 28th minute, allowing them to secure the baron and secure all the inner turrets.
By cancelling Perz's TP at the 42nd minute, Flash Wolves was able to win the last fight of the game and close the game.

Phong Vũ Buffalo 0 - 1 Afreeca Freecs

The game was overall pretty close, as at the 31st minute, there were only 1 kill and 1 turret difference between the two teams.
A close fight in favour of Afreeca Freecs allowed them to take a slight control of the game, as they were able to secure the baron.
Once the Baron Buff in their pocket, they were able to push the bottom lane, catch a few members of PVB, and close the game, in 33 minutes.

Flash Wolves 0 - 1 Phong Vũ Buffalo

This game, PVB did what they do best: play aggressively in the early game, take the driver seat, and go for the win.
Unfortunately for them, FW's teamfighting is much stronger than PVB's, allowing them to win the mid game fights.
While being down of 10 kills at the 30th minute, PVB was able to win an impressive fight that allowed the team to secure the baron immediately after.
The second baron at the 38th minute and the 40th minute Elder Drake allowed them to outscale Flash Wolves, and win their last game of the tournament.

G2 Esports 0 - 1 Afreeca Freecs

This was a really close game between the two teams. G2 Esports macro was clean, but Afreeca Freecs teamfighting was just too much for them. Even while taking the first baron, G2 wasn't able to capitalise much on it, even if they had a +2k gold power play.

The second baron was taken by Afreeca Freecs who was able to only take G2's mid inhibitor turret.
A catch attempt from G2 on Afreeca's Kai'Sa made them overcommit, and Afreeca Freecs was able to punish this mistake and close the game.

Bonus: Flash Wolves 0 - 1 G2 Esports (tiebreaker)

The stake of the game is really important for each of the teams: the winner takes the second place and goes to quarterfinals.

G2's early game was really clean, taking clean fights allowing them to create a lead. With 4 kills for none at the 20th minute, they were looking to dominate this game and get to quarterfinals.
By taking down Perkz at the 22nd minute, Flash Wolves wanted to take the baron, but G2 reacted well, and got 2 more kills for them.
With a 29th minute baron, G2 could push their lead even further and look to close the game. By going for the 1-1-3, they were able to pressure all the lanes simultaneously, forcing Flash Wolves to split up. This strategy allowed them to take all the inhibitor turrets, the botlane inhibitor and close the game after killing 4 members of FW.

I feel you Quickshot !
With these matches, Afreeca Freecs and G2 Esports advance to quarterfinals while Phong Vũ Buffalo and Flash Wolves are out of the competition.

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