League of Legends World Championship - Final

When this tournament started, none could predict what happened during it. From Team Vitality taking down Gen.G, to Cloud9 taking down Afreeca Freecs or G2 Esports eliminating this year's MSI, Asian Games, LPL champions: Royal Never Give Up.
Everything ended up with an EU vs LPL final, as Fnatic and Invictus were the two teams qualified for the last game of the tournament.

Fnatic - Invictus Gaming

Game 1

Even while Fnatic got for themselves some signature picks, like Lee Sin or Irelia, their draft was quite questionable, especially for the bottom lane picks. IG opted for a safer draft by putting TheShy on a tank and Rookie on Lissandra.
Even if the game pace was quite slow at the beginning of the game, IG was able to take the first lead by taking down Caps as the first kill of the game, around the 10th minute.

A few minutes after, another gank on the Danish midlaner allowed IG to take him down again, and destroy the first two turrets of the game at the middle lane.
The first teamfight took place around the Rift Herald, and was in favour of the Chinese squad, as they took down 3 Fnatic members, for only a kill on the Alistar.
With the Herald Eye in their pocket, the Chinese squad went for a catch on Bwipo at the bottom lane, took him down, and pushed two turrets thanks to Shelly.
Being 4v5 gave them the ability to force a fight and take down 3 members of Fnatic in exchange of 2.
Being so much ahead allowed the Chinese squad to pressure the Baron. A first attempt led them to only killing both Bwipo and Broxah, but the second one was the right one, as they got the Baron for themselves, took down 4 members of Fnatic and got the middle lane inhibitor.
27 minutes into the game, Invictus Gaming aced Fnatic (with JackeyLove getting a Quadrakill), ran down the top lane and closed the game.

Fnatic 0 - 1 Invictus Gaming

Game 2

The game pace of this game was quite faster, as both junglers were able to find early gank. The successful one was for the Chinese squad as they took down Bwipo, forcing both his summoner spells.
With flash and TP down, Ning forced a second successful gank and started the game 2-0 while shutting down Bwipo and giving more room for his top laner to take the advantage.
Even while being shut down, Bwipo was able to set up a great gank for Broxah, who was able to take down TheShy.
Another gank at the top lane allowed Ning to take his (and his team's) 3rd kill of the game.
A few minutes later, both teams wanted to contest the Infernal Drake, but IG ended up taking it down, as well as Bwipo.

When they found a window to kill Rookie, Fnatic went for it. But unfortunately for them, IG was able to turn it around, and Ning found one of the most spectacular double kill.

After losing their mid outer turret, Fnatic wanted to fight back, but Invictus Gaming outplayed them, taking down 4 of their members, and then another Infernal Drake.
While Bwipo was getting caught at the bottom lane, Fnatic tried the hero call by going for Baron, but even if they took it down, they got aced a few seconds after by IG, losing the bottom lane inhibitor as well. The Chinese team was then in position of pressuring their opponent's base, and they took down the mid lane inhibitor.
When Caps got caught at the top lane, Invictus Gaming forced a fight and took down 4 members of the European team, to secure their second win of the day, forcing the match point.

Fnatic 0 - 2 Invictus Gaming

Game 3

Fnatic decided to sub in sOAZ for this game.

With First Blood taken at only the first minute by Caps, Fnatic started the game with an early advantage.

When Broxah wanted to push this advantage and abuse the opponent's bottom lane, Rookie teleported and IG was able to turn the fight around and get a kill for themselves.
Still looking to put his lanes ahead, Broxah went for a gank at the 5th minute and allowed sOAZ to get a kill on TheShy.
Aware that Hylissang had no flash, Ning went for a successful gank at the bottom lane.
An early roam from TheShy allowed him to take down Caps and get a kill for himself.
The first teamfight took place at the 12th minute at the middle lane, and IG was able, at last, to take down all members of Fnatic, in exchange of only two deaths.
Another fight which seemed in favour of the European team started at the bottom lane when 3 members were trying to take down TheShy. But in the end, the Chinese team turned it around and aced Fnatic.

When IG went for Baron at the 20th minute, Fnatic stroke back by stealing it, and taking 3 kills for them.

With the Baron Buff, Fnatic was able to stall a bit more the game, but a fight at their base at the 24th minute allowed the Chinese squad to kill them, and become the World Champions.

Fnatic 0 - 3 Invictus Gaming